Makeup: 10 must-know beauty tips for dark skin tones

Choosing the right makeup will make the difference to enhance your beauty. Africa Traiding Group knows that very well, so are sharing these 10 tips for dark skin tones.

1. Know your lighting

When it comes to applying and shopping for makeup, you should always make sure to do so on natural lighting and in bright lighting. It should be the light where you can see your face on its more natural tone.

While you are shopping, if you can, apply the makeup on your hand, walk outside see how it looks and then make your decision.

2. Build your foundation

You not always are going to like how you look with one foundation. Your face is not one tone. You would want to start with your base tone, and then a highlighter for a healthy glow.

3. Warm up the center

The center tones on a person skin, looks really healthy when they are warm. So add warm and dimension on your skin. Apply amber and camel tones to the center of your face using a brush and blend it out.

4. Embrace orange

Orange is your friend. Orange blush, orange lipsticks, orange concealer… you choose. It looks very natural on dark skin tones. It helps to cancel out purple tones. If you have under eye circles definitely invest on a great orange concealer.

5. Line your lips

If you have larger lips, line your lips with a shade close to your natural pigmentation. It helps to keep your look in place.

If you have pigmented lips, use an orange color corrector. This will helps to balance out to the deeper tones on your lips.

6. Avoid black brows

Most of the time, stay away from black brows. They can be a little bit too harsh. You can go in with a medium dark brown for the inside of your brows to a deeper brown. And then, just add a little black on the tale of your brow. It should be just enough to create a nice strong frame.

7. Don´t go too light

I know that I told you to stay away of black, but you don´t want to go too light or too warm because it can wash you out and it can age you. Nobody wants that!

8. Frost is not your friend

When highlighting, stay away from frost. It can be too pale and it can make you look ashy. Instead go for a warmer shimmer. It adds a beautiful highlight to your skin.

9. Take care of your skin

I am a huge advocate of sunscreen. If you have hyperpigmentation I recommend you to exfoliate and then you use sunscreen to protect your beautiful skin.

10. Break the rules

Darker skins should stay away from antiquated rigid rules. Maroons, plums and gold tones on the lips can look a little dated. It depends on what finish you use.

Just because you are dark, it doesn´t mean that everything in your face has to be dark. Try contrast. It is beautiful!! Using darker tones may age you.

Celebrate your skin, celebrate color!

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