8 tips to maintain short natural hair

I am going to review 8 tips to maintain your short natural healthy hair. Hopefully some of this tips provided by Africa Trading Group will help you in your healthcare routine.

1. Don´t overcomplicate

Do not overcomplicate your hair routine, your schedule, your regimen and what you do with your hair. I know it could be exciting when you cut your hair off. For example, when you have long hair and you go back to short length. Please, don´t overcomplicate your situation. Don´t try to combine all the treatments on yourself when you are starting. You can start overwhelming yourself, your hair, causing a lot of manipulations.

2. Learning your hair

When your hair is short it is the perfect time for you to figure it out what works for you and what doesn´t work for your hair. Also you should learn the kind of method of your hand dealing with your hair.

You are learning what product to put in your hair. But if you are constantly using all these different products in your hair, it is difficult to narrow down which one is actually benefiting you.

You need to know what products works better for you to have healthy hair.

3. Consistency

You need to be consistency with whatever you do. Once that you know what works for your hair, you need to become consistent with that. If it works for you, just do that!! Over time you will see that your hair will start to flourish and it will become healthier. That is the reward of doing what works best for you. This is like when you are experimenting with a fragrance.

4. Moisture

I know that you would have heard hundreds of times. Moisturized your hair is an important part of hair care. You don´t want your hair to break up. Also, moisture is also good for your skin when applying perfume as we review in another article of Africa Parfums.

5. Styling

You may feel that you are limited when it comes to styling your short natural hair, but you are not. You can do a lot of styles. You can put your hair back, you can do twist outs, break outs, etc.

When you first try it may feel a little bit difficult. But you have plenty of options to styling your hair. Just try to make it look as neat as possible.

Also think about the styling that you are choosing. Make sure that it is not causing too much damage to your hair.

6. Condition

Condition your hair! You should condition about twice a week. You can do a co-wash at mid-week and then a deep condition during the weekend. And remember, you need to be consistent with this as well. This way you will have a gorgeous healthy hair.

7. Protein balance

You should figure out if you need protein in your hair. I recommend you to do a protein treatment in your hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

Back to tip number 2. This is where all the leanings pay off. You need to figure it out how to incorporate the protein treatments in your hair routines.

8. Low manipulation

Think if you are planning on growing your hair out. Or if you just want a healthy short style.

Also, if you want thick ends you need to make sure that you are doing little manipulation and that you are treating your hair with care.

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