How to choose the best moisturizer for different skin types

The first thing you need to do is figure it out the kind of skin type you have. Then you will be able to choose the best moisturizer for you.

If you have dry Skin

Dry skin is crying for moisture.

It is very easy to spot this skin type. When you don’t put your skin care products you can see the flakiness of your skin. Especially around your eyes, your mouth or your cheeks, and you can feel that your skin is poorly.

During the cold season your skin becomes much dryer. Your makeup doesn’t go on smoothly. This definitely can lead your skin to loose elasticity. Because your skin loose elasticity, it is very easy for dry skin types to have rankles in their face.

The problem for dry skin types is that they lack both water and oil under their faces because they have very low production of sebum and sweat.

For dry skin types it is very important to find moisturizer that have a great balance between oil and water. This will moisturize your skin for deep within. Also won’t let the moisture to escape from your face by forming a protecting oil layer on your face.

Some great ingredients for especially dry skin type, they include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol and lipidure. These ingredients are really great to provide moisture to your skin.

But you are not done if you only have provided the right amount of moisture and nutrients to your skin. You also need to create a protective oil layer on your skin. This will help moisture not to escape out from your face.

If you have oily Skin

They usually have a thick layer of death skin cellules on their face. That is why it looks like if they have a very rough texture.

Oily skin types tend to produce a large amount of sebum; it is very easy to see large pores for especially oily skin types.

Oily skin types usually break more often. Also it is very easy to spot greasiness, especially around the T-zone.

When they apply makeup it erasers quickly.

Those who have oily skin, there is a tendency to concentrate to get rid of the oil layer. However that is wrong. It is a symptom of the lack of moisture deep within. When the skin lacks moisture at an inner level, the skin produces more sebum. So the solution is solving the lack of moisture of the skin.

Choose a moisturizer that has low oil level but instead it has very fresh and light texture that provide moisture deep inside your skin.

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